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A former PGA Tour player and Director of Instruction at Palmetto Dunes resort, Doug Weaver developed the FlowGolf swing with one goal in mind: To turn golfers into players.

What’s the difference between a golfer and a player?

Golfers obsess over the swing’s every movement. Players let the swing come naturally.

Golfers approach each shot fearing negative results. Players seize the opportunities each swing presents.

Golfers succumb to pressure and tension when the match is on the line. Players greet pressure by relaxing the mind and muscles, then delivering in the clutch.

Which would you rather be? A player, right? We’ve got your ticket: Doug Weaver’s FlowGolf Full Swing Training Series.

Doug covers everything from the grip to the finish in 21 brief video sessions (lasting just over an hour). Lessons are divided into four sections – Swing Feels, Check Points, Drills and Review – as Doug uses his unique, holistic approach to teach you how to:
  • Naturally feel the swing’s proper positions from setup to follow-through.
  • Check your address from shoulders to toes and ensure a rock-solid start.
  • Use simple drills to enhance feel and maximize power.
  • Transfer fundamentals from other sports to your golf swing.
  • Relax on the course and let your swing flow with ease.
Are you ready to leave the ranks of everyday golfers and join the elite group known simply as players? It couldn’t be easier.

Just click the button below to order the FlowGolf Full Swing Training Series, then immediately download it to your computer in 10 minutes or less. Get it right now for only $37.

Take 60 days to try Doug's instruction and if it doesn't work for you, just email us at info@flowgolf.com and we'll refund your purchase. Simple as that.

This offer is no risk, all reward. Order today.


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