Testimonials for Doug Weaver and the Flow Golf System

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"An Incredible Experience - I'm Hitting 80 and Under"

Harlan Amster, Golf Clinic Attendee

"Effortless Swing - Even with a Draw"

Happy Student, First Lesson with Doug was Yesterday

"I'm Loving the Way I'm Hitting the Driver Now"

Ned Mcarthy, Scotland

"Get Inspired to Play More Golf - See Doug!"

Rory Mcarthy, Scotland

"That's What I Wanted - An Effortless Swing"

Mike Comer, Excited to Play His Next Round

"After 2 Lessons, I've Improved 100 Fold"

Mark, IT Specialist

"I'm Sure I've Lost 10 Strokes"

Many Bhalla, From "Halfway Around the World"

"I'm Leaving Here Knowing a Heckuva Lot"

Harlan Amster, Newly Confident Golfer

"I Love the Way I'm Hitting the Ball"

Evan Muscari, College Golf Player

"Our Skills Have Soared Off the Charts"

Dave Becker, Took Lessons with His Wife and Daughters

"Let the Ball Hit the Club Instead of You"

Ralph, New Student - Only Playing One Year

"My Lessons with Doug Weaver were Awesome."

Shelley Rubenstein, Hilton Head Island, SC

"Great lessons with Doug!"

Bob & Nan Commissaris, South Carolina, USA

Bob & Nan Commissaris We fully enjoyed our 'back to the basics' lessons with Doug Weaver and immediately signed up for the on course short game clinic for later in the week. We took away some real practical tactics and game improvements - customized to our abilities. Thanks Doug!! (Also enjoyed the beautiful course at Palmetto Dunes.

"Golf Lessons with Doug Weaver"

Jeff Greenwald, South Carolina, USA

Jeff Greenwald Doug's lessons have taught me that golf is more than a swing. His unique and illustrative communication skills focus on applying your athletic ability against the games key fundamentals that allow you to master the basics. Since taking lessons with Doug , the confidence in my technique has allowed me to improve in all aspects of my game and win my club championship. When you are done taking a lesson with Doug you will be able to see your shots, feel your shots, and trust your ability to execute.

"In a couple of hours with Doug, our game - fundamentals, mechanics, and overall grasp of the game - improved immensely!"

Carl, South Carolina, USA

Carl The same should be said for other professions giving golf tips. We took up golf a little less than one year ago. In that time, there was plenty of advice given, whether it was from a co-worker, family friend, or even a barber.

Our experience was that in a couple of hours with Doug, our game - fundamentals, mechanics, and overall grasp of the game - improved immensely! Clearly Doug has a wealth of golf knowledge and has been doing this for many years. The best way to explain his teaching style is relaxed, adaptive, rooted in the fundamentals, and fun. He is like the college professor with the PhD and the course textbook he wrote himself, who can actually communicate with the undergrad - thus tailoring his delivery to where you are in your golf journey.

After spending the last year playing round after round to improve, it was clear that I learned more in my few hours with Doug than a whole year of playing and listening to the advice and tips of everyone else. Do yourself, your sanity, and your game a favor - take a round off and invest that time and money into lessons with Doug. Remember, while a Golf Pro may not give a good haircut, they are in fact masters of their profession.


"Ladies Only Clinic"

Janet Wahl, South Carolina, USA

I've been taking golf lessons for several years but I can honestly say that the Ladies Only clinic I did with Doug Weaver helped me more than anything. I'm delighted to have learned so much with personal attention over a three hour period. Many thanks to Doug. Can't wait to come back and do it again. Then he can see the improvement to my game.

"Doug Weaver - Golf God"

David Zunker, South Carolina, USA

Like everyone else on this page, I love the game of golf -- finally, again. Over the past two years that hasn't been the case. A serious flaw in my game left me anxious and confused. Nothing I did fixed it -- not extensive reading and research, not watching golf videos and not taking lessons from pros who thought they had it figured out if I just turned this way, adjusted my backswing that way or added a new convoluted swing thought.

Nothing worked until I met Doug Weaver, explained my problem, attended his Monday afternoon teaching exhibition and took a lesson. Thanks to his quick read of a very simple issue -- my alignment -- my game (and my confidence) are back. I'm trying not to tempt the golf gods -- I know I can be struck down again at any moment -- but I am grateful and thankful for Doug's patience and his diagnosis, which -- at least for the time being -- has gotten me back to loving golf.

"Messiah College Spring Break Team Lesson"

Troy Boone, South Carolina, USA

On our way to Florida over Spring Break this year we stopped in Hilton Head for the weekend to prepare and play golf for the first time after too long of a winter break. Doug was great to work with as he spent time with each of my players individually video taping their swing and giving them little things to work on as we began our preseason practice.

He was right on with his analysis for each player. We used his advice to built on throughout the week and when we returned to PA after our break we were ready to go. We won many tournaments, our conference championship and for the first time in school history, we qualified for the NCAA III national championship. Thanks Doug for being willing to work with us as a team and for being an important part of our success!

"Lesson with Doug Weaver"

Paul Anello, South Carolina, USA

I did one private lesson and the 3 hour group putting, short game, and full swing instruction with Doug. He was awesome! I would recommend either the private or group lessons. I visit South Carolina every May and will now do lessons with Doug every year. It is easy to see that he really cares and is great at articulating the concepts that he wants you to adopt in your swing.

"Golf Instruction with Doug Weaver"

Henry Lawson, South Carolina, USA

Having played golf for forty years, I was having a terrible time with a vicious, peristant hook. Doug was able to identify the basic problems and ,by the end of the lesson, i was hitting good shots and had an understanding of fundamentals I needed to remember and practice. As an added bonus, Doug made the experience enjoyable. I would recommend Doug to any golfer wanting to improve his/her golf game.


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